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Moresi.Com with its cloud platform is able to offer “The Swiss Bank of Data“, a range of services and technologies implemented to ensure over time the continuous provision of all the services your company and your customers need.

We can assure you that your data and services are handled with all the accuracy and confidentiality that characterize Switzerland; we guarantee that the data is in a location close to Italy and replicated always in Swiss territory, so as to have the same service and the same care that you would have in your own Data Center, with the benefits of using connectivity, engineering systems and reduction of risks typical of larger organizations. is the cloud at its best, where the cloud does not convey a sense of the ephemeral, but ensures that the system will react according to the variable needs that Customers demand, changing shape and size over time.

Technologies and infrastructures used today are the best that can be achieved and, as a further guarantee of continuity, they have been implemented by ourselves.

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