Agire Foundation

Agire Foundation

Institutional partners

AGIRE, the Innovation Agency of Southern Switzerland, is a public-private partnership, established in 2011, that promotes local innovation, entrepreneurship and economic competitiveness, targeting the creation of high-skilled jobs on the territory.

> AGIRE coordinates the action of regional strategic stakeholders (universities, institutions, economic organizations) with the aim to strengthen the innovation ecosystem.

> AGIRE promotes the transfer of technology and knowledge between companies and leading Swiss and international academic institutions.

> AGIRE manages Tecnopolo Ticino, the technology park of southern Switzerland.

> AGIRE supports the creation, growth and internationalization of innovative start-up companies.

> AGIRE collaborates with local and national organizations to provide coaching and mentoring to start-up and emerging innovative companies.

> AGIRE promotes the creation of centers of excellence in selected strategic economic sectors optimizing the collaboration between public and private sectors.

> AGIRE collaborates closely with the local government on the promotion of economic policies.

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