Ticino: fiscal reform generates growing investment opportunities

Leading funds, politicians and brands come together at the NetComm Suisse Institutional Day to discover the opportunities in the new Swiss fiscal reforms


The latest Swiss fiscal reform is about to come into effect and will likely have an impact on the tax burden that companies operating in the country will bear. There has been a lot of discussion about the changes: several businesses have been quick to criticize the move. However, the change also presents some opportunities and these will be discussed in a closed-door event on Wednesday 3rd April at the Villa Ciani in Lugano during the Institutional Day held by NetComm Suisse Association and hosted by Dagorà SA as part of the Fashion Innovation Week event.

The speakers include CEOs of leading investment funds as well as current and present national political leaders and they will discuss the impact of the fiscal reform, especially the opportunities it creates for investment in innovative technologies. The informal discussion and round-table is mainly aimed at financiers, legal professionals and luxury brand c-suite directors.

The topic is of particular importance to Ticino. Home to over 80 leading fashion and lifestyle brands, all of whom are seeing massive changes to their business models thanks to digitalization and e-Commerce: their future growth and profitability depend in large part on being the first to invest in emerging technological solutions and innovative R&D. Not only, but given its location between the fashion capital of Milan just to the south and the digital powerhouse of Zurich to the north, Ticino’s “FashionTech Valley” is an incredibly vibrant ecosystem that is ideally positioned to take advantage of the reform and grow the foundations to be a key international player over the coming decade.

The event is private, but those interested in knowing more can write to: info@netcommsuisse.ch for further details.