Riccardo Bilancioni

Riccardo Bilancioni

Managing Director | COLTORTI

I’m a fashion system native. My family has managed production and collections for the major 80’s and 90’s Designers. I have an all-round fashion business knowledge.

Through my career I’ve dealt with¬†product, production, wholesale and retail. I’m attracted by challenges.

I’ve started my career in the family business where I’ve seen the art, the skills, the passion and the dedication of many Artisans, who I consider this Industry heroes.

After that I worked for one Kering’s Brands where I’ve been exposed to daring challenges, method, performance, vision and team work.

I’m now in Coltorti where I’m involved in recoding the strategy and the approach of one of the top 5 Italian multibrand retailer.

I’ve been married with Cristiana for 15 years now, both involved in foster care programs with under age and special needs kids.

I will soon have a dog, I will never have a cat.