Mikel Elzo Feijoo

Mikel Elzo Feijoo

director | SKFK

I was born last century but did not do anything serious until the year 2000. Having started a brand for fun and travel is not the most professional presentation card but I did it to meet nice places and people and I did it because I did not know it was impossible.
Fashion is a very exciting, competitive and yet polluting activity. We were different and we wanted to change the Industry.
CHAN/GE is the new motto to visualise the style change after twenty years of history coming from streetwear and now into a more feminine boutique line.
CHAN/GE is the slogan to ring the alarm about a serious environmental crisis we are living in and a call for action.
In SKFK/skunkfunk we have shown the Industry that a change from conventional production to a sustainable one is possible and now we want to show that as individuals and companies we can reduce and compensate our carbon footprint.
We are the only GOTS certified and Fair trade certified fashion company in Spain and we are heading towards carbon neutrality and garment circularity.

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01/04/2019 | 14:00 - 15:20